The MAGELLAN line of two way wireless security systems offer you a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation and attractive consumer features for any residential or small commercial installation. 

PARADOX reputation of confidence:

  1. PARADOX is world's TOP 10 alarm system
    It has been used by customer in 100 countries since 1999. Matured product with time proven performance around the world and in Malaysia.
  2. PARADOX takes security seriously
    Each threats and responses are well thought and carefully designed into the alarm panel. They devoted years of intensive research developing the most easy-to-use alarm system that can effectively protect millions of family and business around the world.
  3. Satisfaction guaranteed
    PARADOX do not just perform sampling or batch testing — they test the entire mass production to guarantee exceptional consistent quality on every single equipment that they produce. . Reliability isn’t just a word at Paradox, it’s a philosophy.
  4. International recognition
    PARADOX equipments are certified by international body UL, C-UL, CE, FCC, and California State Fire Marshall - another recognition of its rock solid quality.
PARADOX technical superiority:

  1. Fuseless technology
    Paradox alarm protects itself from external damage. Fuseless technology will auto shutdown the panel when it detect high power surge possibly from lightning strike or intentional sabotage by intruder.
  2. True partitioning
    It provides protection for two independent partition area at the same location. Maid can disarm the maid’s room, kitchen and dining area (first partition) to do house chores early in the morning while the whole house perimeter (second partition) still armed and protected. Paradox provide the flexibility to maximize your protection,.
  3. Intellizone advanced technology
    Prevents false alarm
  4. Lighting protection
    Every zone input is protected against electric surge caused by small to medium lightning strike.
  5. Digital precision
    Paradox is the first company to release the groundbreaking line of 100% digital motion detectors. What digital means to you is stable, precise and reliable protection, with a vast reduction in false alarm. Intruder doesn’t stand a chance against digital detection.
The security of your loved ones and your business depends on the choice you make. Invest wisely. Give them a world class alarm protection that they deserve.
"PARADOX is the brand of confidence and protection you can trust."
MAGELLAN 2-Partition 64-Zone Wireless Console with GPRS/GSM

User Guide
English - PDF: 1653 KB


  • Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting Offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline, with pre-defined communication sequences to save installation time.

  • 2 partitions and up to 64 wireless zones

  • Supports optional quad-band GPRS/GSM module with 2 SIM cards (GPRS14)

  • Built-in transceiver (433 or 868 MHz)

  • Speakerphone via GSM or landline

  • Built-in voice and utility reporting(up to 8 telephone numbers)

  • Two-way voice communication (via GSM or landline)

  • 16 users and 16 remote controls

  • 8 wireless PGMs (2 I/Os can be hardwired)

  • 256 events buffered

  • Supports 4 wireless sirens (SR150)

  • Supports 4 wireless keypads (K32RF/K37), displays first 32 zones only

  • Supports 4 wireless repeaters (RPT1)

  • Supports 16 two-way remotes (REM2/REM3)

  • Built-in 90 dB siren

  • Remote firmware upgrade via GPRS

  • Full voice-assisted remote system access via GSM

  • High-quality sound for voice tags and menu guidance

  • Family message center (up to 30 sec. w/ time stamp)

  • Clock with alarm
    EN50131 Grade 2

    Communication Plug-in Module


  • Accessory for the MG6250, used to support GPRS/GSM/SMS reporting

  • Supports 2 standard GSM provider SIM cards, for provider redundancy

  • Simple installation; connects directly onto PCB

    Antenna Extension for GPRS14


  • Antenna extension for the GPRS14; improves reception by extending the antenna

  • Includes wall-mounting bracket

    13.8Vdc Power Adapter Plug



  • For the MG6160, MG6130 and 2WPGM

  • Provides 13.8Vdc at 1A max

  • Includes one of 5 different power outlets: ACPEU (Europe),
    ACPAUS (Australia), ACPCH (China), ACPUK (United-Kingdom) and ACPUL (North America)

  • 6-foot wire

    7.5 Vdc Power Adapter Plug


  • Provides 7.5Vdc at 1A max

  • Includes 1 of 5 different power outlets: ACPEU (Europe), ACPAUS (Australia), ACPCH (China), ACPUK (United Kingdom) and ACPUL (North America)

  • Wire length: 182.9 cm (6 ft.)

    6Vdc Power Adapter Plug


  • For the K32RF and K32WK

  • Provides 6Vdc at 350mA max

  • Includes one of 5 different power outlets: ACPEU (Europe),
    ACPAUS (Australia), ACPCH (China), ACPUK (United-Kingdom) and ACPUL (North America)

  • 6-foot wire